7 days, 7 simple lessons.

The #READYINTEN challenge was created for all the women out there that are short on time but sick of leaving the house looking like they just rolled out of bed. The techniques are simple, realistic and require no experience. The products suggested are affordable and cruelty-free. And the finished look is light and natural so you can wear it for school pickup, when meeting a client, going on date night, and everything in between. Best of all, the challenge is completely free! As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to 1 lesson per day for the next 7 days plus you can ask me for help in the private Facebook group. So what are you waiting for?

Declutter your makeup bag

Get rid of unnecessary makeup that’s slowing you down, doesn’t suit you, and may be harming your skin.
Declutter your makeup bag

Find the right makeup products

Learn how to create a capsule makeup kit with affordable products suited to your skin type & colouring.
Find the right makeup products

And learn how to use them!

Receive daily easy to follow lessons on how to apply a natural everyday makeup look in 10 minutes or less.
And learn how to use them!

Wanna learn how to get #READYINTEN?

Start learning today -- it's free!



What past students are saying about GAMEFACE

“Given I’m in my mid-40s now and can’t slap makeup on like I did 20 years ago, something needed to change. Recent makeup efforts using old techniques have left me scaring the children with my hag impression. But with Kat’s techniques, I’ve been able to create a natural look that enhances the good bits instead of making me look like a wrinkly clown.”

Sandra M.Sandra M.

“GAMEFACE is a GAMECHANGER! Not only did I walk away from this course with new skills that are super easy to implement, but I learnt that it's never too late to start. Kat's non-intimidating approach is refreshing, extremely personable and relatable. She breaks overwhelming ideas and tasks down into actionable steps with on-going support and encouragement along the way. And thanks to Kat, my understanding and confidence with makeup has now sky rocketed! ”

Genevieve B.Genevieve B.

“For someone who doesn't have a clue about makeup products or correctmake up application, Kat's GameFace online course is ideal for me! I don't wear a lot of makeup usually, but I understand in the performance industry, you do need to look your best. Kat's wealth of knowledge regarding proper makeup use and application helps guide you to highlight your unique features so that you are going into that audition or performance looking your absolute best. Her instructions are incredibly clear and concise and she is an absolute joy to watch. Kat also recommends cruelty free/vegan makeup. Perfect!!”

Aly H.Aly H.

“Gameface is a game-changer! Before starting the course I thought I was pretty adept at using makeup to good effect. But throughout this course there were so many big steps and little tips that my makeup routine has been missing all this time. Now I'm feeling so much more confident with my ability to apply my makeup and achieve a professional finish, as well as deviate from my normal makeup routine to create different looks. Thanks Kat!”

Emily A.Emily A.

“I've always used makeup but have never felt entirely comfortable applying or wearing it. I was tired of worrying about looking like a clown. I'm not in the acting business - though I have done some stage work in the past - but I wanted to find out if the course could help me feel more confident, not only in applying my makeup, but making decisions about what to use and when. The course was a breath of fresh air. Katherine Elizabeth takes the mystery out of makeup with grace and humour. Her knowledge and skills are amazing, and her professional, relaxed delivery is easy to watch. If you've ever struggled with your makeup, do yourself a favour and get your GAMEFACE on! ”

Rochelle B.Rochelle B.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the challenge!
  • 2
    • DAY ONE
    • The life changing magic of decluttering your makeup kit
  • 3
    • DAY TWO
    • Creating your capsule makeup kit
    • DOWNLOAD: Makeup Wishlist
  • 4
    • Thou shalt not skip thy skin care
  • 5
    • DAY FOUR
    • It’s not just houses that need strong foundations
  • 6
    • DAY FIVE
    • Commas and caterpillars don’t belong on your face
  • 7
    • DAY SIX
    • Opening up the windows to your soul
  • 8
    • Did someone request a youthful glow?
  • 9
    Next Steps...
    • Thanks for joining in me!
    • Challenge wrap-up -- how’d you go?

Meet Kat, creator of #READYINTEN

Kat Elizabeth is a professional actor, small business owner and ex-makeup artist who has never been able to pull off Kim Kardashian contouring and had no desire to look like one of the Twilight vampires due to overuse of highlighter. Kat is all about using makeup to enhance natural beauty (or simply hide signs of exhaustion) and teaching busy women how to do it themselves so they can get on video or show up at a networking video feeling their best — even if they had just 10 minutes to get ready.
 Meet Kat, creator of #READYINTEN