Avoiding makeup because you think it's too difficult or time consuming?

If you never learnt how to apply your own makeup or stopped wearing it when your skin started maturing, you're not alone. So many women have a love/hate relationship with makeup because of a lack of knowledge and confidence. And when we try and find the answers on social media, we're usually confronted with Instabrows, blinding highlighters and Kim Kardashian style contouring. That's where GAMEFACE comes in. An online makeup course that'll teach you how to wear makeup with purpose so you look and feel your best... while still looking like YOU.

Wish you could do your makeup better AND faster?

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Meet the creator of GAMEFACE

  • Kat Elizabeth

    Kat Elizabeth


    Kat is an actor, video creator, marketing strategist and ex-makeup artist who has spent most of her life on stage and in front of the camera. Don't think this meant video creating came easy, though. She was a painfully shy kid who wouldn’t say boo to anybody and as in school would always find an excuse to call in sick on days she was supposed to be giving an oral presentation. After years of practice and a combination of “faking it 'til you make it” and an obsession with studying video marketing, making videos eventually became one of her favourite things on earth. And now she has made it her life's mission to help fellow creatives and entrepreneurs do the same.